Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Please Help

Hello all. I'm finally online again for the new season. My next blog will be up ahead of Sunday's game against United, so stay tuned.

However, before that I was after abit of help from you all. There's a site called FreebieJeebies where you can get 'free gifts' if you get enough referalls. Now, I know what you're thinking. And no, this is not a scam. Check it out beforehand if you have any concerns.

What I need is twenty five referalls to get an Iphone. My plan is to use the Iphone to tweet photo's from the matches, so the quicker I can get it the quicker I can start tweeting photo's. What you have to do is sign up to FreebieJeebies through this link; http://apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk/384181. When you've done this all you then have to do is sign up to (through that link) LoveFilms' two week FREE trial. Your only obligation is to rent ONE DVD. When you've done that you can cancel your membership anytime you like. For example, I rented 'Shaun Of The Dead'. It came within three or four days and all I had to do to return it was to put it back into a packaging they'd sent and send it back to them. Easy stuff, really.

If you'd be kind enough to do this for me, I'd be very grateful. Please check the site out yourselves, maybe you'd find it useful. If I get to twenty five refefalls I'll make a small donation to both the HJC and the Marina Dalglish appeal.

Thanks all.


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